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27 Weeks Pregnant

Last week I thought I was dealing with an itchy scalp due to dryness but then found out I was invaded by lice. My Battle Against the Little Ones. I’m over the lice now and my scalp is feeling much better. I’m so thankful that I fought lice while pregnant and not while I have a newborn. I’m hoping that I won’t have to deal with lice for a long time.

Toddler Girl has gone a whole week without nursing once. I think I can say that she is officially weaned! I’m relieved that my body can have a little break before nursing again.

Unborn Baby has not been as crazy active lately. I wonder if things are starting to get tight in there for the baby? I’ve been dealing with a little heartburn. I’m hoping that it won’t get worse. I’m trying to stay upright after eating which is becoming more difficult because my back has been sore and tired. Sometimes all I want to do is lie down after eating dinner.

Now that the lice are gone I have come down with a cold. I’m hoping to have more energy later this week to start getting the house in order. My husband made spaghetti sauce a couple days ago. We froze some to have on hand for when baby arrives.


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