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ABCJLM: Week 30

We’ve been skipping the review weeks. So week 29 was skipped altogether.

Our Bible Lesson this week was Jesus Rides on a Donkey. We read this story a few times. Our verse for the week was Matthew 28:6 “He has risen as He said.” Toddler Girl enjoyed it when I sang the verse to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb. Our song was Praise Him. We listened to her playlist with this song and others from this year’s curriculum. The Poem was Right Hand, Left Hand. I only got to this one time this week. But I’m looking forward to spending more time on it next time around.

The library didn’t have the book of the week so we skipped it. I read some other books to her this week including Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit.

The colors for the week were green, blue and brown. The shape was diamond. Toddler Girl painted the diamond with her dot markers one day. I had her use green and blue and she insisted on adding yellow (her favorite color these days.)

Toddler Girl hasn’t been into coloring with crayons lately. She will color just a bit and then lose interest. So she has a couple coloring pages from this week that have just a few marks on them. I’m saving them for her to work on later. She has asked to paint a few times when I had to say no. I’ve been tired lately and would rather have her do something that requires a little less supervision. We did spend a while one day stamping with her ABC stamps. We talked about how an upside M looks like a W and how Z turned sideways looks like N.

Toddler Girl enjoyed playing with blue and green play dough and added some flowers and leaves to her nature box.


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