My Battle Against the Little Ones

No, I’m not talking about my babies. Remember my last post where I said I had an itchy scalp? Well, I found out yesterday the cause of it. I scratched my head and when I brought my hand away I saw a tiny little bug. I have lice! It’s so terrible to know you have lice. I’ve searched online for things to do. It seems like everyone has their own little remedy to get rid of the nasty little ones.

The biggest thing you need is patience. It takes time and a lot of work to get rid of lice. Once I knew I had them I ran to the pharmacy to get a nit comb. My mother took time to comb through my hair removing the lice. The nits (lice eggs) are harder to remove though. I was hoping that I would be able to get rid of the lice in a couple of days. Last night my husband tried to comb through my hair. I learned that he can’t comb long hair. He ended up tangling up my hair and making me frustrated. I thanked him for trying but said that it is true that your husband can’t be everything to you. Mine cannot be my nit comber. LOL. I tried to comb through my hair myself but I know that I wasn’t able to do a thorough job. I slathered up with mayo for the night wearing a shower cap. Last night was terrible! I was itchy but couldn’t scratch through the cap. I hate wearing things on my head to bed. So I didn’t sleep very well and woke up an hour early. I washed my hair out and then combed out some drowned lice.

Thankfully, my mother was available to comb through my hair again earlier today. She found one big fat wiggling louse and a bunch of others that were either dead or in shock from being removed. So I decided to slather up with mayo again after a short nap. I’ll wear my shower cap until right before bedtime when I’ll wash out my hair. Hopefully I’ll sleep better tonight with nothing but hair on my head.

I’ve read that you have to wash all clothes every day and dry them hot. You can put pillows and things in the dryer on hot to kill the lice and nits. It’s so discouraging to think about all the work I have to do in the next week or until there are no more lice and nits in my hair. Part of me wants to cut off all my long hair so then I won’t have hair for the lice to live on. But I know that I’ll cry everyday if I cut my hair that short. Having lice makes you want to do desperate things.

Thankfully Toddler Girl and husband do not have lice. I don’t understand why Toddler Girl doesn’t have lice. We spend so much time together, sleep together and have lots of contact. The only thing that I can think of is that I recently switched her shampoo to one with neem oil in it. I read that neem oil repels lice. So maybe the lice would rather stay on my head where it’s all nice instead of going over to the neem oil head. I’m now using Toddler Girl’s shampoo. If it works for her then it might actually get rid of my lice. I hope they just give up because I have to win this battle soon. I don’t want to battle lice for months like some people do.


6 comments on “My Battle Against the Little Ones

  1. You hang in there. Hope you kick the critters for good!

  2. Hiya! A few tips you can find on my blog:
    – headlice don’t drown easily. They can survive for days underwater.
    – the mayo technique sounds good, but washing your hair before combing doesn’t make any difference. Try combing before washing. That way, seen as you’re hair is slippy, the lice can’t hold on.
    – unfortunately this can’t be finished in a few days – a few weeks maybe. The problem is that when you comb your hair a couple of lice always manage to escape and start laying eggs again. If you comb your hair a few times a week you catch any you’ve missed the last time and you breach their reproducing cycle.

    I really hope this helps you. I have also had nits and I confirm that it’s a real pain in the backside (or rather, a pain in the scalp). Good luck!!!! ^^

    • Thanks! I combed after the mayo but before washing a couple nights ago. It really helped to get rid of the dead lice and eggs. I then had my mother double check and comb through the next day. I really wanted to get rid of the lice fast so I was combing twice a day and having my mother comb once a day. She hasn’t seen any live lice for two days now. Yay! She got rid of most of the eggs and only found one today that she missed before. We are going to continue with the combing every other day for the next week to make sure they are all gone. Thanks for your help on your blog.

  3. Yay! I’m lice free! It’s so nice not to be itchy and scratching my scalp all night. I’m thankful to be done with lice.

  4. […] thought I was dealing with an itchy scalp due to dryness but then found out I was invaded by lice. My Battle Against the Little Ones. I’m over the lice now and my scalp is feeling much better. I’m so thankful that I […]

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