What’s a Crunchy Mama?

I have been hearing this word crunchy a lot. I first started seeing it online and then someone referred to me as a crunchy mama because I was a part of a certain mom’s group. So I decided to look up the definition and see if I am a crunchy mama or not.

You can see this definition at Urban Dictionary: crunchy mama.

#1 Mother who supports homebirth. I had Toddler Girl at home and am planning on birthing at home again. I love being at home and having a say in my surroundings. I think hospitals are for sick and hurt people. (But I think each woman has to make this choice herself. Homebirth is only for low risk woman with healthy pregnancies.)

#2 Breastfeeding. That is me. I’m pro breastfeeding and extended breastfeeding.

#3 Baby wearing. Does holding your baby in your arms count? I held Toddler Girl for most of her first year. She didn’t like the front carrier but she enjoyed being in my arms. I do plan on wearing baby #2.

#4 Cloth diapering. Nope, not me. I’d like to cloth diaper but it’s really convenient to use disposable when you don’t have a washer at home.

#5 Co-sleeping. We bed share. I think it’s easier to share a bed when you are nursing through the night.

#6 Gentle discipline. That’s me. My husband told me that he was against spanking kids before we got married. I think we need to lead our kids gently like Jesus did.

#7  One who questions established medical authority. I think a lot of doctor’s don’t have the education to be an authority on parenting, breastfeeding, nutrition, etc. I also question whether vaccines are best for my kids. I’m not going to accept advice and follow it blindly.

#8 Tends to be vegetarian and/or prepare all-organic foods. Nope again. I love eating meat. I think animal protein and fat are very good for you. I think eating organic local foods would be best in an ideal world. But I also need to consider the extra cost this would be on our budget. Right now we can’t afford to be all organic. But maybe in the future.

So according to this definition I am a crunchy mama. Maybe not a die hard crunchy mama but a kind of slacking off one. Haha. I do all these things because they seem to be more natural than other parenting choices. I don’t think my choices are better than others. But I feel led to parent my kids this way.


2 comments on “What’s a Crunchy Mama?

  1. I LOVE crunchy mamas! (^_^) It’s amazing that you’ve had a homebirth!!! I’d like to someday but I know I’ll never get a chance to experience that for the fact that I’ve had TWO C-sections and I don’t want to ever put myself or the baby in danger. :-/ But if God blesses me to have another full-term baby, I’d LOVE to have a Vaginal Birth! Did you have an unassisted homebirth or did you have a midwife present? {I just love hearing HB stories!!} In the future, I plan to do *some* cloth diapering and use some disposables {like when we’re out somewhere or at night}, just as a way to save long-term money on disposables.

    I hope your pregnancy is going smooth and that you have an AWESOME delivery!

    • I had a midwife present. I’d be too scared to have a baby all alone. What if something went wrong? I do know a few woman that had vaginal births after c-sections. I know some women who have had homebirths after having c-sections. It all depends on why you had a c-section and the laws where you live. So it’s something that you can research and look into doing. My pregnancy is going smooth. I have a healthy active baby.

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