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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

One of the important parts of running a household is reducing waste. Reducing waste also helps out the budget. There are a few things that I do around our house to reduce waste.

  • I try not to overbuy perishable grocery items. It’s a shame to throw away old veggies and fruits because I bought more than we could eat. I try to keep an eye on things like avocados and move them into the fridge once they are ripe. Making and freezing smoothies are a great way to use up fruit that is about to spoil. I make soup with old veggies that are starting to wilt.

  • I reuse paper and plastic bags. I line our kitchen trash with a kitchen garbage bag to keep it clean. I use paper sacks inside and take them out every couple of days. If I have something really messy and wet to throw away I use a bread bag. They don’t leak. I line small waste baskets with plastic grocery bags. I use bread bags to throw away dirty diapers. About a days worth will fit in a bag. I notice that I take dirty diapers out to the trash more often if I throw them into a small bag. I also use bread bags to pack my sandwich and other foods for lunch at the park. It saves on using ziplock.

  • I try to use paper towels only for really messy things. I use cloth rags to clean up most of the time reducing our paper waste. I save toilet paper rolls to use for craft projects

  • I use junk mail envelops to write my shopping list or to do list for the day.

  • This one is kind of gross. I don’t flush the toilet when my daughter is sleeping. I was recently thinking that maybe I should because it’s kind of gross not to flush every time. But then I realized that I’m saving water everyday. This one is important in California right now because we have been in a drought for quite a while.

Of course we recycle everything after we’ve gotten our use out of it.


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