God is My Provider

Tax time is here. I’ve decided to file our taxes online. I’ve been meaning to sort through paperwork but haven’t put in the effort to begin. So yesterday I started to sort through this last years paperwork looking for stuff I need to put on my tax forms. I have most of it together now. I really want to get a better filing system in place and actually file stuff away each month instead of just stacking it in a box. I’m really unorganized but capable of being neat and orderly.

God continues to provide for us. We received forms in the mail to sign up for no cost Medi-Cal. My husband recently went to the emergency room when he was really sick. So I’m hoping that those bills will be covered by Medi-Cal. We are close to paying off his last visit which was almost two years ago.

I’m so proud of my hardworking husband. I’m thankful that he is working while going to school. I’m thankful that I get to stay at home with our daughter.


4 comments on “God is My Provider

  1. hi, i use a folder system that goes by categories such as utilities, taxes, medical,
    and i do a budget everymonth that lists them as you pay them that month. you can check it off as you pay your monthly expenses, for the other stuff like taxes , and warranties and such i use a file cabinet and i also back up a copy of them to my computer. and theres apps on you phone that can help get organized better to.

    • Thanks! The folder system is exactly what I want to start doing. I do have a budget and check off my bills as I pay them. I just need to organize all the papers instead of putting them into one giant pile. LOL.

  2. I think id literally freeze if I did our taxes on my own. Power to you, mama! We’re planning to go get ours done tomorrow if the roads are OK from yesterday’s snow… And woohoo for almost getting your husband’s last hospital bill paid off! I hope the medi-cal covered his recent visit! You’re such a grateful wife & mom!

    • I’m using an online company that has a tutorial walking me through the process so it’s not as hard as I thought it would be. We’re still waiting to see if Medi-cal will cover my husbands recent medical bills. But I’m praying that they will.

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