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There’s A Monster In My Bed

Last night I was so tired when I went to bed with my daughter. I hoped that she would fall asleep quickly as I rubbed her back. She tossed and turned and moved closer to me. I finally felt so sleepy but uncomfortable staying on my side facing her. I turned my back ready to go to sleep. Toddler Girl complained that I wasn’t rubbing her back anymore. That’s when I realized there was a monster in my bed. This monster got angry and pushed Toddler Girl and told her firmly and not kindly to go to sleep on her side of the bed. Toddler Girl was upset and cried and her Papa had to come rescue her from the mommy monster. I felt so bad that I had lost control of myself. Finally, Toddler Girl did fall asleep. But I realized that she didn’t make the monster in me come out. This monster is my own selfishness that surfaces when I’m tired. I pray that God would help me not to take it out on my child.

Thankfully, Toddler Girl was happy this morning after a good night’s rest. I guess she doesn’t remember the mommy monster in our bed last night. I pray that I will be more patient with her tonight.


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