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24 Weeks Pregnant

I’m exactly 24 weeks pregnant today. I felt a lot better this weekend. I caught up on rest and got some outside time in too. I have a little more energy so I’m planning on getting some stuff done this week. Our house is a pigsty. I’m way behind in chores and have a lot of organizing to do.

Toddler Girl seems to be bonding with the baby. Sometimes she will lay her head down on my belly. She will point to her toys and things and then make the sign for baby. I tell her that when the baby is born he/she won’t be able to play with her toys. I don’t know if Toddler Girl wants to share or if she is worried that the baby will take her things?

It’s wonderful being a mother. I love this part of pregnancy when I feel baby kicks and can see them too. Unborn Baby is strong and active. It’s going to be interesting to see how he/she will be once born. The greatest joy in my life is having kids with my husband. I feel my love for my daughter continue to grow. I’m amazed by her growth and brightness. I think she teaches me way more about life than I teach her. Unborn Baby is such a joy to me as well. Here I have this unknown growing inside of me. It’s like a surprise that unfolds bit by bit. In some ways June seems just around the corner but in other ways it’s so far away.


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