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ABCJLM: Week 26

Our Bible Lesson was Prayer Time is Special. We read The Lord’s Prayer. Our verse for the week was 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray always.” My husband started asking Toddler Girl to fold her hands for our goodnight prayers. Oh my! She was so cute clasping her hands together. The song for the week was Whisper A Prayer.

The poem for the week was Humpty Dumpty. I read a book that included Humpty Dumpty as well as some other rhymes.

The book of the week was The Going To Bed Book. We also attended story time at the library this week. The theme was Valentine’s Day. Toddler Girl loved getting her hands stamped with hearts. She also received coloring pages and a small bag of candy. I gave the candy to Papa because Toddler Girl doesn’t eat candy yet (except for dark chocolate.)

Toddler Girl colored the Circle Square Poster from ABCJLM. We colored a couple of coloring pages together and I let her play with her dot markers and play dough.

Toddler Girl has been wanting us to read her ABC book everyday at nap time and bed time. Earlier this week I decided to sound out each letter and see how many she could sound out. I was surprised when she repeated all of the letter sounds after me. I told my mother that we’ve already started phonics! Haha. I’m going to work more on letter sounds with her. She can recognize most of her letters. My husband told me that she made it all the way to P last night naming the letters on her own. She studies that ABC book so much. I think I might have an early reader.


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