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Projected Costs for Baby #2

Last week I posted this: How Much Do Babies Really Cost?. I thought I’d do a follow up on how much our second baby will cost. A lot of people plan on having fewer children because of the cost. So I want to show that it doesn’t cost as much as some people will say.

Delivery: We are choosing to have a home birth again assisted by a midwife. The healthcare sharing ministry that I’m a part of is covering the entire midwife fee of $3900. I’m not sure about labs but they aren’t costing us that much. I’m guessing that we will have no more than $300 relating to prenatal care and birth supplies.

Medical: I’m supposing that we will put this baby on Medi-cal so there will be no charge for health checkups.

Furniture: I’m planning on having the baby sleep with me. Toddler Girl will probably continue to sleep with me so we don’t have any cost of extra furniture. This is good because we don’t have room for an extra bed either.

Food: I plan on nursing for the whole first year. I plan on using the Baby Led Weaning approach to introducing solids. It’s where you skip the pureed food step and move on to finger foods. You allow the baby to feed himself soft fruits, steamed veggies, little pieces of meat, and dry cereal. It cuts cost and time to prepare food way down. I don’t think the baby will increase our food budget. We can always cut out some of our splurgy things.

Diapers: I’m thinking we will spend the same amount that we did on Toddler Girl which was about $450 on diapers and wipes.

Clothes: If we have a girl then we are all set on clothes. If we have a boy then I plan on finding second hand clothes for free or trading for them. I already have a few baby boy items.

Stroller: We have two strollers. Toddler Girl is walking more and more. I plan on using a baby carrier and only switching to the stroller when the baby can sit up. By that time Toddler Girl will be walking most of the time I’m guessing. So we won’t need a double stroller.

Front Carrier: I have four different carriers that I can use with the baby.

Car Seat: I’m researching car seats right now. If you absolutely love your infant seat please recommend it to me. I’m looking for a smaller, lightweight infant car seat. My price range is $50-$130

Misc: I have blankets, towels, washcloths, toys etc. We will need things like a toothbrush, hairbrush/comb. I’m thinking about $20.

Total = $600 plus $4200 for delivery. So the second baby will be way cheaper than the first (in our case at least.)



One comment on “Projected Costs for Baby #2

  1. Great list, i am looking forward to spending less on a second bub than the first one will cost. Its still fun looking though 🙂 Hoping to get most second hand.

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