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We All Fall Short

I’m not the best daughter. I’m not even the best daughter that I can be. I’m glad that my Father in Heaven loves me anyway. I don’t pray without ceasing and I don’t read the Bible everyday. I fall miserably short of the Glory of God. Thankfully, God meets me where I am. He comes down to my level. I have learned not to compare my relationship with God to how I perceive other people’s relationship to God. It is a dangerous thing when we compare ourselves to others. Instead of seeing how we fall short of the Glory of God we see ourselves falling short of this person or that person. Our focus then is on being better than someone else (or giving up because we can never be like so and so)  instead of the best that we can be. God meets us where we are.

I’ve also learned that there are many ways to praise God and to serve Him. Praising God isn’t just something you do when you pray and when you sing. It’s something you do in your heart throughout the day. Every time that I show love to my husband and my babies I’m showing love to God. When I serve someone or do something nice (it could be taking out the garbage) I am serving God. When I say how blessed I am to have my daughter I am thanking God for that blessing. But it works both ways. When the kitchen is a mess and I am being lazy then I’m not serving God. I’m not being a good steward with the things that God has given me.

I remember asking my father about tithing. I said that money was tight but I felt bad because we were not tithing and not giving to charity. My father asked if only 10% of my money belonged to God or if 100% of my money belonged to Him. I realized that I was looking at things all wrong. I need to look at all my money as if it was a gift from God and only use it for things that would honor Him. Using our money to take care of our family is a right thing to do. Would God be pleased if I bought shoes for a child in Africa but didn’t provide shoes for my own child?

I am so thankful that God meets me where I am. Our relationship is not one way. I believe that God puts way more into my relationship than I do. But it’s okay to fall short. Grace makes up for it.


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