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ABCJLM: Week 25

We have been skipping the review weeks. I see so much review already built into the curriculum. We also tend to have school more than three days a week.

Our Bible Lesson was The Bible is Special. I decided to read through the Bible storybook this week. We read from Creation all the way to Elijah. Toddler Girl has been excited about the pictures in her Bible storybook. I have to work on her not interrupting all the time to point out things and make little comments about the pictures. But I’m so happy that she is excited about reading the Bible together. Our verse for the week was 1 Thessalonians 5:17 “Pray always.” I have to admit that I felt like this weeks verse was meant for me. I sometimes forgot to pray before meals and then I would see the verse on the fridge. So a lot of our meals were prayed for half way through the meal. My husband is the one who always says the blessing so I forget when he’s not here. The song for the week was Pat the Bible which is sung to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat.

The poem for the week was Humpty Dumpty. I was pleased that Toddler Girl understood the poem when she said boom after I recited it to her. Boom is her word for fall down.

The book of the week was Where’s Spot but I couldn’t find it at the library so we read a couple other Spot books. We also attended story time at the library this week. Toddler Girl did a great job sitting through the stories and was excited to get her hand stamped at the end. She also received a coloring page which we colored together.

The shape of the week was a heart. I had her color the heart red and then put a few little heart stickers on it. She loves stickers. I’ve been saving the cotton stuffing from my vitamin bottles. We used this in our snowman craft. I took the white snowman coloring sheet and spread glue on it. Together we stuck the cotton on the snowman and then I added yarn eyes and mouth.

Overall we had a really great week! It’s a lot of fun to teach Toddler Girl. I’ve been having a great time blogging as well. It’s wonderful to see that people actually read my blog even if it’s only a few. I’ve been enjoying reading other blogs as well and getting craft, homeschooling and recipe ideas.


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