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My Battle Against the Little Ones

No, I’m not talking about my babies. Remember my last post where I said I had an itchy scalp? Well, I found out yesterday the cause of it. I scratched my head and when I brought my hand away I saw a tiny little bug. I have lice! It’s so terrible to know you have […]

26 Weeks Pregnant

Last week I went in for a prenatal appointment with my midwife. I measured 25 centimeters which was perfect. With Toddler Girl I was always one or two centimeters behind in growth. I’m eating more these days. The worst pregnancy symptom I’m having right now is dry skin. My scalp is sooooo itchy. I don’t […]

ABCJLM: Week 28

Our Bible Lesson was Giving is Special. We read The Widow’s Offering out of the storybook. Our verse for the week was Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd.” Our song was O Be Careful. I sang it several times to Toddler Girl who would say the body part as I sang. Eyes, mouth, hands. The Poem was This Little Piggy. […]

Tax Return

I filed my tax return today. It was nice to save a couple hundred bucks by doing it myself this year. Now, all I have to do is wait for my refund to get here. My husband and I already have planned what we are using our refund for. This year we decided that we […]

What’s a Crunchy Mama?

I have been hearing this word crunchy a lot. I first started seeing it online and then someone referred to me as a crunchy mama because I was a part of a certain mom’s group. So I decided to look up the definition and see if I am a crunchy mama or not. You can […]

25 Weeks Pregnant

I can hardly believe how fast the time is flying by. I’ve been dealing with an itchy scalp this week. I think it is due to dryness of my skin. I’m switching shampoos and cutting back on the dairy. I’ve been eating goat’s cheese and I wonder if I’m having a reaction to it. So […]

Storing Up Treasures

This morning I was reading chapter 12 of the Gospel of Luke. Jesus tells a few parables and talks about storing up treasures in heaven instead of treasures here on earth. He talks about this man who had a huge harvest and wondered where he was going to put it. He decided to tear down […]