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Breastfeeding: The Good and the Bad

People choose to things for different reasons. I choose to breastfeed because it is the natural thing to do. My mother breastfed my siblings and I. But I got to see bottle feeding as well when I was older. I thought it looked like a lot of hassle and a great expense to formula feed. I figured that since God created woman to make milk in their breasts then I should do things the way God made it.

When I started nursing Toddler Girl everything was great! I didn’t have any problems with it. It seemed easy and was always convenient. I sometimes felt self conscious nursing in public. I wish that society would be more at ease with breastfeeding. That is one of the reasons I chose to blog about breastfeeding today. I think if more people talk about their experience nursing their children it will help other woman to be more comfortable with it. For example, you don’t see many toddlers being nursed in public. So society thinks nursing is only for little babies. But there are quite a few woman who nurse their little ones past the age of two. I am one of them. Toddler Girl is still nursing. We’ve had a wonderful relationship that has grown with each day. But since I’ve become pregnant I notice that our relationship is changing along with the changes in my body. I have stopped producing milk which is very sad to me but also a relief because I know that my energy is going to growing my little baby. Something else that has changed is my enthusiasm to nurse my daughter. I think it has to do with pregnancy hormones. I’ve been feeling agitated when nursing. So our nursing relationship has dwindled to two or three times a day for just a few seconds. Part of me feels sad because I wish I could give more of myself to Toddler Girl. But I realize that I need to respect my needs in order to be a good mother. I feel like our relationship is going well. Toddler Girl seems to understand that I can’t nurse her for long and is adjusting to it quite well. I’m really proud of her as she continues this process of weaning.

I have a few friends who nursed their toddler along with their new baby. This is called tandem nursing. I’m open to the idea if Toddler Girl wants to go back to nursing when her little sibling is born. But I don’t know how I’m going to feel about it. I may just want to nurse my newborn and not Toddler Girl. I hope we can find a compromise when the time comes.


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