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ABCJLM Week 23

We loosely follow the ABC Jesus Loves Me Preschool Curriculum. Last week (when we were sick) we didn’t do much until the end of the week when Toddler Girl started feeling better.

Our Bible Story was Psalm 23. I read “The Lord is My Shepherd” from her Bible storybook several times during the week. Our verse for the week was 1 John 4:8 “God is Love.” I repeated this several times as well. Toddler Girl is not talking that much so she doesn’t actually say the verse with me. But I think it’s important to expose our kids to the Scriptures. For the song we listened to the playlist that I put together of most of the songs for the curriculum. We listen to it almost everyday, usually during artwork or play time.

The poem for the week was Jack and Jill. Toddler Girl had made a staircase of duplo bricks with her Papa. I told her the poem as I walked my fingers up the staircase and then had them fall down it. Toddler Girl has been obsessed with reading ABC books so I’ve been working on her saying the whole alphabet. We watched Leapfrog Phonics Farm one day. She really enjoyed that.

We tried making handprints using Toddler Girl’s finger paints. The paint was too thick and didn’t transfer a nice print. We’ll have to try again sometime, adding water to thin the paint. She colored the star and rectangle poster with colored pencils.


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