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How Much Do Babies Really Cost?

It all depends on your parenting style, whether you want your baby to have all new stuff and if you have people giving you things and helping you out or not. Some people claim that your baby costs thousands of dollars in its first year and that doesn’t count delivery. So here’s what we spent on Toddler Girl’s first year:

Delivery: we choose to have a home birth attended by a midwife. It cost us about $5000 (prenatal appointments, visit while I was in labor, delivery with two midwives and a birth assistant present, postnatal appointments, birth supplies and blood work up.

Medical: $400 paid for six well check ups at the pediatricians office. She wasn’t sick much that first year and when she was I called the doctor. It wasn’t serious enough to need medication or a visit to the doctor.

Furniture: We decided to have Toddler Girl sleep in our bed. So it didn’t cost us any extra except for buying a second hand bed rail for $5. We used a dresser as a changing table.

Food: I nursed her so we didn’t have any expense of formula. She ate very little her first year. She mostly ate what we were eating or I made food for her from scratch. We spent under $50 for food for her.

Diapers: I know that I kept track of diapers she used in her first year. I heard somewhere that babies use 3000 diapers in their first year. She used less than that. I think around 2500. We bought diapers in bulk and saved a lot that way. I think we spent around $450 on diapers and wipes.

Clothes: We received a lot of clothes as presents. My husband ran out and bought a few things and I bought one pair of shoes when she started walking. $50

Stroller: $100

Front Carrier: $90

Car Seat: $90

Misc: We received blankets, toiletries, and other things as presents. We spent under $50 bucks to buy nail clippers, toothbrush, and bath towels.

So we spent a little under $1300 in our daughter’s first year. If you add in delivery then it’s $6300. This was made possible by generous gifts.

How much did you spend in your first kid’s first year?


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