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My husband has been sick the past few days. When we woke up this morning I realized the Toddler Girl had come down with it. One of the hard parts of being a mother is when the kids get sick. Toddler Girl ate breakfast and then fell asleep while watching a movie. She has been running a fever today. It doesn’t seem too bad. If she was listless I would take her temperature but she seems to be doing okay. She is sleeping most of the day away which I see as a good sign. She nursed for quite a long time earlier. But I don’t think she is getting much milk these days now that I’m in my second trimester. I’ve fed her an avocado and mango smoothie. I’m glad she is eating. It was much simpler back when she was little and I would hold and nurse her all day when she wasn’t feeling good. Now I have to give myself a break and lay her down for a while. I’m glad that my husband is home today. He was able to stay with her while I went out to do the laundry. We just bathed her and she fell asleep again which gives me the opportunity to have some blogging time.

What do you do when your kids are sick?


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