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Beginning Finger painting

We got finger paints for Christmas. I wasn’t sure how our first session would go. But Toddler Girl did great smearing paint around with her finger tip and a sponge. Last night we painted the teeth poster from the ABCJLM curriculum. I helped her brush the teeth using an old toothbrush. We picked yellow for the teeth and then a little red to color the lips. Since I was guiding her hand through this project, I let her finish by painting a blank paper with red and yellow mixed to make orange. She is a neat painter which I’m thankful for because I would be overwhelmed if she smeared paint all over herself.

I want to do handprints soon. I think it would be fun to have handprints every year to see how her hands grow.

We also got play dough which Toddler Girl loves to play with. She doesn’t do that much besides holding it and watching me shape it. But it’s a good start. She asks me to shape balls. I will also show her how to make snakes and pancakes by flattening the balls. We practice our numbers by counting how many balls I’ve made. We talk about colors when we play and color and paint.


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