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Panicky pregnancy.

Unborn Baby has been a blessing. He or she is really active throughout the day and night. But last night I didn’t feel any movement. I didn’t feel anything in the middle of the night or this morning. So what did I do? I panicked! I thought, “Oh no, I killed my baby by eating raw sushi last night.” But then I had to remind myself how Toddler Girl slept like a rock last night. Maybe Unborn Baby just needed to sleep. Why is it that I sometimes assume the worst? I feel tons better now because as I type this out I’m feeling Unborn Baby move around and kick. He or she is much stronger than I give credit.

I sometimes read of women complaining about being pregnant. I’ve even had a woman tell me that she hated being pregnant. I agree that there are things about being pregnant that are unpleasant. But having a little person growing inside of you makes everything seem worth it. I’m not going to complain about being pregnant. Everything that I experience good or bad during this pregnancy reminds me of how blessed I am to be having another baby. I’ll always remember the one that I lost and never take another baby for granted.


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