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The Truth Will Set You Free

In my short life, I’ve seen what harm lying does to people. Lying or keeping secrets which should be told can eat away at a person. It causes anxiety and loss of sleep. But once the truth is told there can be serious consequences. Not for telling the truth but because of the lie and that the truth wasn’t told sooner.

Some people see no harm in telling little lies that make them seem like a better person. They may exaggerate achievements or invent accomplishments. But the problem is that if a friend or family member lies about such things you have a hard time trusting them with larger things. The fastest way to lose trust is to tell a lie. People then label you a liar for the rest of your life.

There are some lies and secrets that are scary to expose to the Light. I remember a time in my life when I harbored shameful secrets. I thought people would look at me differently if I came out and told them. But eventually I did tell my family. It was difficult doing so but relieving afterward. I felt like the Truth did set me free. But sometimes it takes a good while before you feel free once you tell the truth. Sometimes you can feel worse for telling the truth because of what happened when others heard it. If they have a bad reaction or cut you out of their life or call you a liar then you may doubt whether you did the right thing in telling the truth.

I believe that you should tell the truth. You should not keep secrets from those closest to you like your spouse or parents. Some things need to be talked about so you can get healing and move forward in your relationships and in your life.


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