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More, More, More

I’m blessed that Toddler Girl has become a great eater. She enjoys almost everything I set in front of her. In fact, the only thing that she refuses to eat is asparagus (and she did taste it once or twice). She surprised me today by sharing my grapefruit that she hadn’t wanted for quite a while. I guess you have to be in the mood to enjoy grapefruit.

I recently introduced a multivitamin. She enjoys her little star chewable and then asks for more. I have to explain that she can only have one a day. I’m hoping that the multi will help her get the nutrients that she doesn’t get from her diet. We don’t eat dairy because of an intolerance. I’ve introduced goats milk and am hoping that we’ll be fine with goats cheese.

Toddler Girl will eat anything that dips into a sauce. If I’m eating chips she’ll want some with whatever I’m eating. She will eat salsa, avocado, hummus. She even begged me for a california roll so she could dip it in soy sauce and eat it.

I’m hoping Unborn Baby will be just as adventurous with food.


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