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Life is a Gift

This past Christmas I felt a real connection to Mary the mother of Jesus. Here I was thinking about the greatest miracle, God coming to earth as a baby, and I had another baby inside of me. I know that Unborn Baby is a gift from God. A gift from God to us. Just as Christ was a gift from God to the world. The major difference was that Christ would grow up to be the Savior of the world while my baby is going to need that Savior just like the rest of us. The excitement Mary must have felt knowing how precious her son was. I know that I’m excited for my baby. I have no idea what he or she will be like and will do for the kingdom of God. But I pray that my children would know God and follow Him all their days.

It is amazing to have a little baby inside of you. There are parts of being pregnant that are uncomfortable and difficult. It can sometimes be painful. But it is outweighed by this. God choose to create life inside of me. My husband and I say that we supply the ingredients but it is God who makes the baby. I picture my baby inside my womb, growing, developing, learning. And someday I will meet this baby face to face and see the gift that God has given.

God could have made babies in heaven and then sent them us. He could have made us grown up. But instead He choose to give us the gift of procreation. So we can understand the fragile beginnings of life and appreciate the miracle even more.


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