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I thought I’d take the time to write about smoothies while my daughter is napping. There is no way I’d make one right now because we have a loud blender. We choose Vitamix because it blends ice well and they last for a long time. I enjoy making thick smoothies instead of eating ice cream. I usually don’t measure so it varies every time I make it. My suggestion is to put in less liquid for a icy thicker smoothie and more if you want to drink it. Put the fresh fruit in first and always put frozen stuff on top. I often put chia seeds in for a nutritional boost.

Berry Smoothie: banana, frozen berry of your choice or a mix, berry or grape juice.

Green Smoothie: banana, avocado, fresh or frozen kale, mango, milk.

Strawberry Smoothie: day old whole strawberries with tops and a little berry juice.

Peach Smoothie: banana, frozen peach, pomegranate juice (or milk)

Mango Ice Cream: frozen mangos, milk.


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