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Holding grudges and hating is like an infection. Hate festers in your heart and like poison it seeps out. Soon your whole body, mind and spirit is infected. The person you hurt the most is yourself. Forgiveness, letting go of all the hate, is not only freeing but healing. Forgiving someone in your heart gives you peace. Then you may go tell them that you forgive them. Hopefully, if this person is a friend or family member, your relationship can be repaired.

My family has been going through a period of forgiveness and reconciliation. It gives me joy when people can let go of the hurt and pain of the past and move forward. Christ tells us to love one another. True love forgives. It pains me when relationships are torn apart and people say that they can never forgive what the other person has done to them. God forgave us our sins. God continues to forgive us. He also gives us the power to forgive others. Please forgive others. This world needs more love and forgiveness.


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