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Practicing Knitting Hats

So I finished the hat I was knitting. I think I knit tightly because it came out way smaller than I was expecting. I also didn’t knit a gauge swatch. Maybe I shouldn’t skip that part of the project. Well, I’m starting another hat. This one is a practice one for the baby. I’m using […]

Breastfeeding: The Good and the Bad

People choose to things for different reasons. I choose to breastfeed because it is the natural thing to do. My mother breastfed my siblings and I. But I got to see bottle feeding as well when I was older. I thought it looked like a lot of hassle and a great expense to formula feed. […]

Are People Really That Selfish?

Maybe it’s because I grew up with lots of brothers and no sisters. Maybe it’s because I was a sheltered homeschool girl. Maybe it’s because I grew up in small churches. Maybe it’s because of something else. There are just some things that I don’t understand. Some things about human nature that I can’t figure […]

ABCJLM Week 23

We loosely follow the ABC Jesus Loves Me Preschool Curriculum. Last week (when we were sick) we didn’t do much until the end of the week when Toddler Girl started feeling better. Our Bible Story was Psalm 23. I read “The Lord is My Shepherd” from her Bible storybook several times during the week. Our […]

Wild Child

I’m over half way through my pregnancy. Unborn Baby is quite the wild thing. He/she is very strong and moves throughout the day and night. I’m grateful for these movements. It’s reassuring to know that I have a healthy active baby growing inside of me. On another note, I’ve been feeling nauseous again lately. I […]

How Much Do Babies Really Cost?

It all depends on your parenting style, whether you want your baby to have all new stuff and if you have people giving you things and helping you out or not. Some people claim that your baby costs thousands of dollars in its first year and that doesn’t count delivery. So here’s what we spent […]

Expenses Add Up Really Fast: Part 2

These are the categories that I picked out for our budget. My husband and I put them in order of importance to us. School Books: Student loans pay tuition directly to the school so the only school expenses we have are books and computer related expenses. My husband does a great job ordering used books […]